Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Snippets of Moab

I put together a short video from the Moab trip in November. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but I guess it was. Anyway, The Stallion did a great job of capturing some Moab riding footage of me and Hollywood, I captured a few frames myself. I took some time last month to compile a short video. Finally, a blog entry.


Friday, January 04, 2008

Fruita Fall '07 Day 3

The third day was to be done back in Fruita. I had to get back home in time to pack for a trip leaving bright and early Monday morning. The Crew packed up the bags and the bikes and we were at Dennys by 7:00a for breakfast. What a breakfast it was. A quick dose of eggs, bacon, french toast, and orange juice and we were headed out toward Fruita.

We decided to ride some of the classics at the Kokopelli trail head.

We did Mary's loop, Horsethief's Bench, and eventually made our way over to Mack's Ridge and ended on Moore's Fun. It was a pretty jammed packed day. After about 15 miles and 3.5 hours of riding it was time to hit the road back to the front range.

The sad part is the camera I brought on the trip was not taking good pictures and by the time I got to Fruita I only took a few pictures. The frustration of deleting over half of the pictures I had taken finally got to me. Who needs pictures anyway :-).

We ended up stopping off at Hollywood's house. Unfortunately, we had a little bike rack problem and I couldn't transfer the bike rack back on to my car. So I loaded The Stallions bike and bags into the back of my ol' LandCruiser. I left my bikes and rack at Scott's house and we proceeded to Fort Collins. Luckily, I knew I wouldn't be needed a bike this week because I would be out of town.

We ended up getting back to the house before 8:00p. Plenty of time to pack and to bedtime with the boys. It was a great, quick trip. Hopefully we can repeat it again sometime.

The only part of the day missing was having a final see ya later ride with BillyG.

Here's the slide show of the trip. I'll be posting a video soon.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Moab Fall '07 Day 2

The second day started off with our, illustrious, Moab host trading in his biking helmet for a chauffeur's cap. BillyG shuttled the three amigos to the top of hazzard county, up in 'em thar hills better known as the Lasal Mountains. Bill dropped us off, took a couple of pics and told us he would see us back at the park.

The first ride of the day would be 25 miles of almost continuous downhill riding. Now that's what I call a shuttle. The best part is that it connects with the 'classic' portion of Porcupine Rim. Nothin' wrong with this ride...

About 4.5 hours, after we last talked to BillyG, we were back at the RV Park. Everyone had sore cheeks from too much smiling, sore hands from too much braking, and sore arms from too much descending. Luckily, legs were still in good shape for the traditional Moab classic.

After a great ride down Porcupine Rim, it was time to eat and head out to Slickrock. We ate some sandwiches at a little shop on main street. I can't remember the name, but the turkey sandwich and giant chocolate chip cookie hit the spot.

When we got to the slickrock trailhead, most everyone else was riding back to the parking lot. We on the other hand, donned on some lights and headed away from the parking lot. I've been on slickrock at night before, but I've never been there during sunset. It was great to be on the back part of the loop just as the sun was setting.

It was past dark when we got to the parking lot, only one other vehicle was there. Too bad the pickup at the South-end was playing really bad music, or else we might of stopped by and said hello.

We drove back to the hotel, took showers and hit Jax pizza for all you can eat salads, and 'za and a couple of beers.

All-in-all a very good day--over 35 miles and some really great riding.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Moab Fall '07 Day 1

The elder statesman finally made his pilgrimage from Tahoe back to the promised land of Moab. Hollywood and I decided to make a trip out to Moab to visit BillyG and Marty, and get in some over due riding. I also asked the Stallion if he wanted to make a trip to Moab, since he had never been there, he couldn't pass up the opportunity.

On the way out to Moab, we had to make a BillyG honorary stop at the Grill 'n Chill Diary Queen. We pulled into Moab late Thursday night, we checked into the hotel and called it a day.

The next morning we met Bill at the RV park and got packed up to ride a "new-to-us" trail. Along for the ride was an ol' Canuck that Bill met last year in Moab--wildman Darch.

We finally reached the trail head around 10:00 and headed out for the Baby Steps ride. I think Baby Steps is a great introductory ride to Moab. It has all the elements of Moab, slickrock, steps, dirt, sand, etc. and everyone was having a great time riding a new trail. The rider who seemed to be having the best time was the rookie Stallion.

We finished the Baby Steps ride, BillyG and Darch headed back to the RV-park, the 3 comrades headed out to Peace Tree to get some wraps. Then it was off to Amasa. To be safe, we packed lights and jackets in our packs. We rode to the very top of Amasa, took some pics and then headed back. On the way down we took another "new-to-us" trail and detoured onto Jackson's. This was a new thrill in Moab, definitely on the upper-end of technical. There were some gutsy moves made on the way down and at the end of the trail we had to climb out and head back to the car.

The ride ended with perfect timing--no light left as we packed up the bikes on the car. Day one, 25 miles and two new trails, not a bad day.

I think The Stallion was sold that he would be coming back, and we hadn't hit the 2 classics yet :-)...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Darch Mania

Every once in a while you meet someone on the trail that defines passion. Darch is a crazy Canuck that came to Moab a couple of years ago, and is now making the journey south a couple times a year. Darch has the enthusiasm of a teenager, and is always looking for a ride, no matter where the trail. I had a chance to ride with him on my first day in Moab. I hope that when I'm Darch's age that I'm just as enthusiastic, and ready to ride, eh...

What I really like about Darch is that he does what he wants. He rides with his full-face helmet on his handlebars, and on his head. When the trail gets "Gnarly, eh" the brain bucket goes on. When the trail goes "easy climb, eh" the helmet hits the handlebars.

When we were riding with that Darch that first day, the funniest thing he said was, "I'm glad your President has turned the Dollar into a third world currency, it makes it a lot cheaper for me to come to Moab." The next day I'm went to San Diego, and there's a report in USA Today that Merchants in Cuba are asking Americans if they can buy goods with either the Canadian Dollar, or the Euro. I guess Darch knows what he was talking about.

After the Moab leg of the trip, we headed to Fruita, and low-and-behold, DARCH! "These are some really nice trails, eh."

Ride on Darch! I hope I can ride with you again in the spring, or next fall.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hallin' Ranch

In the past, I rode this trail a couple times a month. It's been about two years since I made a trip down South to ride Hall. The Stallion has never ridden in or around Lyons. Last Sunday, I finally made the trip back to Hall Ranch with the Stallion, and Hollywood.

The ride felt like a new trail that was hauntingly familiar. Hall is one of the most popular trails on the front range, and can be pretty busy on the weekends. Thankfully, by leaving later in the day, we missed a lot of the traffic.

There are a few technical challenges on Hall that are very doable, which makes this a fun trail to ride. It also provides a great opportunity to challenge one's self with a 'dab-free' ride.

We ended up riding every trail, along with doing the Nelson loop clockwise and counter-clockwise.

When all was said and done, we rode 14.4 mile and did approximately 2000 feet of climbing. At the end of the ride we ran into Mr. Redstone Cyclery. Dave is a great guy, his blog is on the right. If you have a Tuesday night open, ride with Dave.

Here's another short video of the rock garden.

The pics...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Spring Canyon Park

Last week Spring Canyon Park was opened in Fort Collins. It has a huge playground area for kids. There is a lot of equipment to play on. It also has a mountain/bmx bike skills park. I went there with the kids and checked out the skills park an took a few pictures.

This could definitely be a good place to stop by on the way home after a ride. It should be fun to try and ride some bridges, ramps, and trees.

To reach the park, drive west on Horsetooth Road until you can't drive anymore...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sawin' Sawmill

In June of this year, I had a chance to ride with Dino here in Fort Collins. He has a great digital camera that can be used as a video camera. His camera also has image stabilization--cool feature.

Well, Dino strapped this camera to the top of his helmet and said, let's ride. Here's the result. I think it turned out really well.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Giro Del Dente

Every couple of months it is worth getting out and doing a ride that is out of the ordinary. Something a bit longer, or more remote, or challenging is always a good way to revitalize the soul.

Last week it was time to do something that I've thought about for awhile, but haven't done yet. Ride every trail at Horsetooth Mountain Park. I knew this would be a longer ride, but I also didn't think it would be an absolute epic.

The ride started with four seasoned riders ready for some climbing. You know your ride is going to be good when Speedie (the only women) is riding this.

We did this ride at a very comfortable pace. Taking stops to eat, take pictures, talk--everything that makes a group ride fun instead of work.

For anyone that has ridden the 'tooth it has many elements from cruising singletrack to technical climbs and descents.

This little section is difficult with gears and suspension--big credit goes to speedie for cleaning this on the ol' bridgestone.

Speedie, and Smoothie did about half the 'tooth with us, but Smoothie's time was budgeted and he had to get back to the family around noon. So we said our goodbyes, and then there were two.

The ironic thing about riding with one other person is that you spend more time talking and less time taking pictures. We got a few pictures in, but not as many as before.

The Stallion is always pushing the pace...

One final artsy-fartsy pic.

We did take a quick moment to try out the video mode on the camera.

Overall this was a great ride and will be repeated sometime, maybe with some additional Lory trail action. In summary, the ride was about 5 hours with approximately 3700 feet of climbing in about 18.4 miles. Ride On!

A little slide show of the day... Flash is needed

Monday, October 15, 2007

Park City Week

Grandma and Grandpa spend a week vacationing in Park City each year. Again this year, Cathy and I headed out for a visit. Last year I didn't have a chance to ride very much. This year I had to the chance to ride almost everyday. The best part of the week was the foliage was starting to pop.

I posted these pics on MTBR and James Bigler liked them so much he asked if he could use one for his blog. Sure why not :) daLink

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Rides

Three caballeros headed out early in the morning for a ride that would entail many different elements. This ride had everything you would expect--crashes, bonks, vistas, broken parts, etc. Wicked was the keyword for this ride, wicked in terms of climbing, descending, exertion, and exhilaration. This was a perfect ride to get ready to head up to the high-country. Above treeline riding will soon be here.

The caballeros started off meandering up the road.

Even when your riding the road, you're susceptible to mishaps.

After a quick change of a tube, it was time to conquer the wicked climb.

Even when climbing mishaps occur. If you can keep a smile on you face, even while bleeding, it's all good.

Mountain Meadow Madness

By the pricking of my hide, something wicked this way rides.

And the climbing continues. At this point we've been climbing for over 2 hours and we aren't close to destination. But isn't the destination really the journey?

Then the climb gets really wicked...

Finally, the journey and destination collide...

Time for some descending....

Unfortunately, one of the caballeros was struck down by leg cramps. We had to wait it out until the rider down was ready to ride. After a small delay everyone was back in the saddle and ready to go.

There were a few technical section to maneuver through.

A couple of panoramas from the trip

The profile

A little map